Before we get to the new logo, let’s honor the previous one:

Old GCBC Logo

With an outline of the distinctive steeple – a steeple that reaches high above the church and can be seen from around the neighborhood, it defined the church in an age when buildings were distinctive features of the church and communities.

As we approached making the new website, and bringing it up to date in a number of ways, we thought about ways the church continues to define itself in a changing world – what kind of message did we want to convey to those who see it? If we don’t want to be defined by a building any more, per se, what does define us?

The name Grandin Court Baptist Church is really long. If you type in our website or email addresses enough times you will realize just how long it is, and many people refer to us by the acronym GCBC, anyway. Perfect. We’ll use that and then have our full name elsewhere – maybe even just on the letterhead.

Then, multiple staff members began developing ideas around trees. Music ministry already used a tree, and the youth & children’s ministries did, too, but we began wondering what else a tree means –
– A tree means growth, from seedling to planter, to established tree.
– A tree means seasons during that growth – spring, summer, fall, and winter.
– Jesus once described himself as the vine, and us as the branches.
– Trees drop seeds (think acorns) and then they grow – in some ways symbolizing discipleship.
– Seeds have to be buried and break in order to grow – the same way we are made new, often in brokenness, as we walk with Christ
Suffice it to say – there are many theological implications surrounding a tree and its imagery in faith. We were sold.

Colors – now – what colors define GCBC? Our building is made up of brick, and we could just go plain with black and white, or we could be different and try something else…

But how many people have sat in the sanctuary and marveled at the stained glass in the baptistry? When the light shines from behind it, it is a beacon of light and wholeness – an image of hope – and it is before us every Sunday.

So we took a picture of it and sent it to the designer we were working with. She pulled the colors out of the stained glass window and moved them into GCBC, giving each letter a color from the window. And if you look closely at each letter, they are stained glass themselves – with different shades throughout each letter.

Mosaics and stained glass were studied at Sabbath School this year (2015) – and we learned how brokenness comes together to make a whole, and how healing can come even through those pieces being put together in a new way. So it is completely awesome that we have a piece of stained glass with us in our new logo.

The leaves of the tree change through the seasons – expressing our desire to walk with our community through every season of life – just as Christ walks with us during every situation and season. But the leaves also represent the people, and how we are all part of one whole, even if we seem only a small part. (You didn’t know trees were so deep, did you? Unless you were thinking about roots, and then you’d be right!)

So we ended up with something we are really proud of and we feel depicts the church as we are – a growing, living, ever changing entity, grounded in our faith, and ever present throughout the seasons:

GCBC Main Logo

And all of our sub-ministries now have logos that connect to the main church logo, with music incorporating the treble clef into the trunk, children exploring and learning in a safe place in tree house, youth helping each climb higher and “branching” out, and preschoolers playing beneath the shelter of the tree.

See them here:

GCBC-Logo-Children-Print-01GCBC-Logo-Music-Print-01GCBC PreschoolGCBC-Logo-Youth-web-01