A mixture of senior adult couples and singles.  Study material is a combination of Scripture and topical studies prepared by the teacher, Joe Poleo.  Meets in Room 54 on the basement level.

A senior adult men’s class.  Uses the Explore the Bible curriculum by Lifeway.  Teacher is Fred Nicewonder.  Meets in Room 135 on the main level.

A mixture of couples and singles who mainly have youth or college-age children.  Uses both Formations and Uniform by Smyth & Helwys.  Teacher is Chris White.  Meets in the MAC multipurpose room off of the gym floor.

Fertile Crescent
A class made mostly of parents with young children.  Uses a variety of discussion-based materials.  Teacher is Paul Dull.  Meets in Room 45 on the basement level.

A class for women.  Uses Explore the Bible by Lifeway.  Teacher is Wilma Blackburn.  Meets in Room 12 on the basement level near the elevator.

Marriage Class
A class for married couples that focuses on strengthening your relationships and faith.  Teaching materials vary.  Teacher is John Best.  Meets in Room 140 on the main level near the Library.

Ruth Class
A class for senior adult women.  Uses Formations by Smyth & Helwys.  Teachers are Carol Baumgardner, Joan Kopcial, and Janet Toms.  Meets in Room 138 on the main level.

A mixture of couples and singles, mostly middle age to senior adult.  Uses Formations by Smyth & Helwys.  Teachers are Ed and Janice Murray.  Meets in Room 13 on the basement level near the elevator.

Sunshine Class
A class for special education adults.  Uses the Access curriculum for special needs by Lifeway.  Teachers are Marcia Dent, Katherine Ford, Paula Stocks, and Garnett Wickline.  Meets in Room 132/136 on the main level.


Bible Study with Pastor Kevin
Lecture-style bible study led by our Senior Pastor.  Meets in the Fellowship Hall at 6:15pm.

Women’s Mid-Week Bible Study
Women’s group that use Beth Moore Bible Studies.  Meets in the Sunshine Classroom from 9:30am-12:00pm.  Check the Church Calendar for dates for the next session.

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