Sunday School Classes for Adults

Blessings Class
A class for senior adults. Uses Formations by Smyth & Helwys. Teachers are Carol Baumgardner, Joan Kopcial, and Janet Toms. Meets in Room 138 on the main level.

A mixture of couples and singles.  Mostly middle age to senior adult.  Uses Smyth & Helwys curriculum.  Teachers are Ed and Janice Murray.  Meets in Room 06-08 downstairs.

Sophia Class
A class for senior adult women.  Uses Upper Room Disciplines literature. Teacher is Carolyn Bain. Meets in Room 135 on the main level.

Sunshine Class
A class for special education adults.  Uses the Access curriculum for special needs by Lifeway.  Teachers are Marcia Dent, Katherine Ford, and Garnett Wickline.  Meets in Room 132/136 on the main level. They will begin meeting again in September 2021.

Open to All
A drop-in class that is ever changing.  For all ages.  Teacher is Kristina Childress.  Meets in Hamner Hall, Room 149, on the main level.

Short Courses
GCBC strives to offer at least one short term Sunday School class each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring). These courses meet in various locations in the church building and are open to any adult regardless of their current Sunday School class affiliation. Most will last 7-9 weeks per session.

Wednesday Activities for Adults

Bible Study with Pastor Kevin Meadows
Lecture-style bible study led by Pastor Kevin Meadows.  Meets in the Multi-Purpose Room in the MAC during the school year. (not currently meeting as of November 2021)

Women’s Mid-Week Bible Study
Women’s group that use Beth Moore Bible Studies.  Meets in the Sunshine Classroom from 9:30am-12:00pm.  Check the Church Calendar for dates for the next session. (not currently meeting as of November 2021)